Bryce Dallas Howard: How Ron Howard Influences His 7-Year-old Grandson

Bryce Dallas Howard considers herself “so lucky to have grown up in a family that’s made a living being creative” and for good reason.

The accomplished actress, 33, is the daughter of legendary director Ron Howard and one thing that he’s taught her is never be “embarrassed by your creativity,” she told ABC News.

“So often people are stopped by this voice in their head telling them they are not good enough or they don’t have a right to have an opinion, that’s just not true,” she said. “There’s a lot of wisdom that my dad and my grandparents and my uncle have been able to impart on me and what I’ve treasured the most is I’ve seen examples in my life of people embracing their creativity, not feeling insecure about their artistic inclinations.”

It’s this artistic inclination that the “Jurassic World” star said she and her father have passed on to her oldest son Theo, 7.

“He ‘s seen this as well, he’s gone to my dad’s sets, he’s gone to one of my husband’s sets, he sees people being creative,” she continued. “He knows it’s a process, he knows by practicing you get better. That comes from my grandparents who gave that to my dad and my dad to my self and then to my son.”

It’s this creativity Howard wants to pass on to others, even those she may not know yet. She spoke to ABC as part of her continuing collaboration with Canon for it’s “Let It Snow” Globe event on Saturday, at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles.

“It’s the opportunity for the public to get out and try the cameras, see the technology in action and it’s going to be a spectacle that’s really fun for families,” she said. “I’m gonna bring my family and a ton of my friends are coming with their kids … I’m going totally be taking my family’s Christmas card photo there.”

Howard — who married her husband Seth Gabel in 2006 and just welcomed their second child Beatrice in 2012 — is not just excited about families using cameras to capture important moments, but also wanted to invite other various creative groups to come hang out on Saturday or bring others to spend the day.

“The intention of the event is to bring everyone together, like photography clubs, families, etc.”

People can tag their photos #BRINGIT on social media and Canon will curate the pics.

Howard is very passionate about capturing these “precious” moments, not just for her family, but even seeing old photos of her dad.

“He was photographed a lot when he was a child,” she said. “I have been able to see him grow up, see his childhood, his teen years, even 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. These images are priceless. … We have more in common with one another other than just genetics and being red heads.”

“I look at him as my mentor,” she added.

As for Theo, Howard couldn’t be prouder and said he takes a lot after his famous grandpa.

“I always joked that the prodigy gene skipped a generation,” she said, laughing. “He is really visual. He paints, he has a camera. We intentionally haven’t exposed him to a lot of technology, we really try to keep the tech minimal. He hasn’t picked up a phone yet, he doesn’t know how to work a TV, that or a computer, but we intentionally put a camera into his hands, when he must have been four.”

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