Silver Slammed As Stocks Rally Back To Scene Of EU Crime

US equities have miraculously recovered their EU-Greek talks-breakdown losses from yesterday in a mad buying panic reminiscent of the very best work from FBRNY. As if that did not confirm everything was awesome in the status quo, silver (and to a lesser extent gold) have been take to the woodshed this morning. Treasury yields are still down 2bps from Friday’s close but have jumped 3-4bps on this morning’s exuberance. The dollar has given back all of yesterday’s gains and then some and is now -0.2% from Friday.

Equities roundtrip on absolutelu no news whatsoever… smells like a stop-run to us

Silver is getting slammed…

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And the dollar has roundtripped and is being sold hard now as everyone buys EUR…

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Charts: Bloomberg

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Author: Travis Esquivel

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