Cornwall Internet Expertise For Focused Companies

The business world has changed dramatically. While the Internet has become a major force there has also been a few years where demand has been depressed in most sectors. The financial problems began on Wall Street but spread worldwide almost immediately. It is something that has certainly focused the mind of many CEOs who have the responsibility of ensuring not only survival and maintenance of market share but also of devising an effective strategy for the future.

New way forward

The traditional approach that companies have used for sales and marketing has never been under such scrutiny. Television and print advertising has certainly been effective over the years but there is an increasing feeling that advertising interrupts the enjoyment of a programme. An advertising budget must be spent wisely because of the level of competition that every business faces. There is an extremely strong argument that not only should the budget be directed to a website but that the challenge is to provide interest with sales being a natural consequence of the website becoming popular.


It sounds easy and it is achievable but it needs a company with expertise on the Internet to produce and develop a good website. A website needs to make an initial impact and from there be easy to navigate and worth the effort to do so.

The principle is the same as for an industry in a large city or one in a more rural area, somewhere like Cornwall where tourism represents around 25% of GDP. There is a domestic market to reach with the Duchy’s population of just over half a million and also European funding towards the development of the economy announced just a few weeks ago. The opportunity is there.

While internet experts cannot make your products any better than they are, they can present them to visitors to the website in such a way that they sound interesting. The website’s content is crucial but so is the development of the website so that more and more visitors are attracted.


The idea is to invite comment and questions and thereby engage people in a dialogue. If an audience can be created then the likelihood of extra business will come as a consequence. It is important to remember that by their very action of commenting or asking a question they are expressing an interest in your business sector. They are a targeted audience ultimately.

This can be achieved by the continual posting of news, by using guest blogs and the social media to post interesting information and linking the articles back to the parent URL. It will be easy enough to measure the progress both by the number of visitors visiting the website and the position the website holds in the search engines against a specific keyword search.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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