Disastrous SEO Practices: Risks that You Should Never Take

In order to achieve progress or innovation in any field of work, you must not be afraid to take risks. With that said, you should also be conscious of which risks you should avoid taking – risks that have been taken before but amounted to little success. In the case of SEO, there are plenty of opportunities for taking chances and doing so certainly has the potential to benefit your company. Before you explore new possibilities for your SEO projects, however, take the time to learn which risks have consistently shown only to lead to disaster.           

Outsourcing SEO projects is one such risk. When companies outsource their SEO copywriting, the articles and blog posts they receive typically include spelling and grammar errors and instances of plagiarism. It is advisable for your company to do SEO copywriting itself so that you can monitor the status of these projects with greater transparency while avoiding the dangers involved with leaving these projects in the hands of an outsourced company.           

It’s generally a bad idea to have an employee take on a web coding task if he or she has little experience in development. Fixing coding mistakes can become very expensive so giving coding responsibilities to an inexperienced employee is a risk that is unlikely to end well. It’s best to leave any web development assignments to someone with a higher level of experience in this field, even if this means paying more to hire an outside professional. 

“Black hat” SEO practices are risks that should not be taken under any circumstances. Any SEO practice that aims to trick search engine spiders or negatively impact the SEO of a competing company can be considered “Black hat” SEO. Google has no tolerance for tactics of this nature and its administrators are very skilled at finding SEO wrongdoers. The desired outcomes of “Black hat” practices are not worth the risk of dealing with the penalties involved with being caught.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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