Truly Fine Gentlemen

Well, as documented (and lampooned) extensively in our week ahead preview, Shinzo Abe arrives at Mar-a-Lago today and Trump is stoked:

Here it is:


Don’t worry, world. TPP should be renegotiated shortly and the North Korea problem will be all sorted out in no time. What? Can’t you tell?

Speaking of “truly fine gentlemen”, here’s what the guy Michael Cohen sent to threaten Stormy Daniels looks like, according to a sketch:


Needless to say, that’s all kinds of silly and it was received as such on Twitter, where netizens immediately fingered Tom Brady as the likely culprit. It’s also possible it’s Melania:

And I mean, just take a second to appreciate that this comes just a day after we learned that Cohen represents Sean Hannity (another “truly fine gentleman”). This whole thing is so goddamn absurd that it boggles the mind and it seems like there’s no end in sight.

Stocks were up again, with the Nasdaq pacing gains (Netflix was a big winner). S&P has now cleared 2,700 if you’re into round numbers:


14 handle for the VIX (we’re a long way from 50), which is still trying to catch back down the FX vol., where there’s no sign of that trade war:


Speaking of vol., the CBOE EM ETF Volatility index has collapsed steadily over the past couple of weeks:


30Y yields fell below 3% on Tuesday…


…as the 5s30s flattened for an eight consecutive day to 32bp.


Goldman turned in solid results that tipped a revival in trading, but the buyback suspension news wasn’t great and generally speaking, it seems like the banks are succumbing to a “sell the news” trade around earnings:

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Author: Travis Esquivel

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