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At present, without giving unnecessary specifics the whole foreign exchange market can be described in a few words: expanding, progressive, capacious, a kind of melting pot (as applied to the group and level of its participants). The last characteristics will be considered in details. Stability to different financial disasters (due to the principal of functioning), investment potential and efficient investment management, which is close to the absolute, made forex manna from heaven not only for traders but also for a great number of companies, specialised in various activities: from brokerage to educational courses, from Expert Advisors’ sales to organisation of forex exhibitions. However, if even an ordinary company can afford to get over the threshold of market entry, only outstanding companies and superior top-management, entering into the cohort of leaders, can stay on and capture the confidence of quite so many traders.

Just have a look at any forex rating or enter the phrase “forex broker” in any search engine and there will be a huge number of real companies providing an access to the forex market. But only 15-20 companies in the world can be entitled as reliable and high-quality brokers having universal approach to trading. The rest have neither financial nor professional or communicative resources to compete with brokers of the forward echelon.

There is a proverb “No sweat no sweet” which reflects the philosophy of forex leaders. To get to the forex brokers vanguard and achieve the necessary level (client base more than 100,000 traders; aggressive geographical expansion, universal and affluent range of instruments; the most convenient trading conditions) companies need to invest significant capital and resources into all directions of development.

Only then and there companies may pretend to a piece of forex-pie, but not to the crumbs from the world’s currency table. Meanwhile, the major part of forex brokers is satisfied with crumbs preferring to get somewhat at minimal cost. This approach is doomed. Some day or another, traders will leave small brokers of the second and third echelon for a leader.

Moreover, the process of sanation has already started at the foreign exchange market. And traders play the role of process catalyst, because they quickly move from small brokers to the large ones. Actively working traders concentrate on the segment of leaders, thus leaving small brokers with the crumbs they wanted to get. The times when a trader decided to try his or her skills on forex and opened account with the first broker he or she came across, have passed.

Take a look at the present market leaders and divide them into three parts: expensive for a trader – institutional (forex-departments of banks), long-standing companies which have been growing “fat” for many years, having significant time handicap, and real prospects, outgrew in the market fleet leader within several years. The distinctive features of the last ones are innovative approach, aggressive marketing policy, unique character and convenience of trading conditions, and the most noticeable, against the background of other leaders, dynamics of development. The brightest representative of the third type leaders is the international forex broker InstaForex Company. In the course of two years, InstaForex has been able to make the lion’s share of neighbours in the market vanguard afraid. However, such an aggressive approach to the competitive battle, considerable resources, used in achievement of strong positions, and long-term development of the company are beneficial to consumers. Traders have already realised attractiveness of InstaForex Company, putting their names to everything said above in the terms of opened accounts with the company. Nowadays, InstaForex clients are more than 140 000 traders from 80 countries of the world. At present moment, besides the best trading conditions on the market, InstaForex offers a range of unique instruments: segregated accounts, VIP accounts, PAMM accounts, the US cent accounts, the system of spread repayment – InstaRebate, contests and campaigns with annual prize fund more than $300,000, and many others.

InstaForex Company is not only a forex broker, InstaForex – fully established brand which includes the group of companies, covering all possible directions and segments on Forex market: finance and investment; training and education; information technology and media business.

As a result, InstaForex is a market leader. Having started once you will never quit working with it.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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