Stocks Soar To Best Week In A Year On “Mother Of All Short Squeezes”

The week summarised… as BofA put it –“It’s Not A Risk-On Rally, This Is The Biggest Short Squeeze In Years”

With China shut and The Fed going full dovish panic-mode over growth fears, world markets went crazy…

  • S&P up 7 of last 8 days +3.2% – best week since Oct 2014
  • Russell 2000 +4.5% – best week since Oct 2014
  • Nasdaq up 7 of last 8 (since Death Cross) closed above 50DMA
  • Trannies up 8 of last 9 closed above 100DMA +4.9% – best week since Oct 2014
  • Dow up 8 of last 9 +3.5% – best week since Feb 2015
  • “Most Shorted” +4.7% – biggest squeeze in 8 months
  • Biotechs -2.3%
  • Financials +2.2% – best week in 3 months
  • Asian Dollar Index +1.4% (worst week for USD vs Asian FX since Oct 2011)
  • Dollar Index -1.2% (worst week for USD vs Majors in 2 months)
  • AUD +4% – best week sicen Dec 2011
  • 2Y TSY Yields +6.5bps – biggest rise in 7 weeks
  • 5Y TSY Yields +11bps – biggest rise in 4 months
  • WTI Crude +8.9% – 2nd best week sicne Feb 2011
  • OJ +4.8% – best day since March
  • Silver +3.8% – best week since May
  • LOLume!!


    The last 8 days have seen a massive short-squeeze… 2nd biggest in history


    The last 2 times stocks were short-squeezed this much, did not end well…


    And the following stunning chart shows the percent of S&P 500 names above their 50-day moving-average has soared from 4% to 60% in a few weeks…


    h/t @ReformedBroker

    *  *  *

    Off the Payrolls lows, it’s been non-stop…


    Credit tracked stocks all week but decoupled this afternoon…


    VIX has fallen for 9 straight days… the longest streak since Oct 2011..


    Energy stocks outperformed and Healthcare (Biotechs) were the laggards…


    Treasury yields surged all week but Friday saw the push slow a little… (everything but 2Y is now higher than pre-payrolls)…


    The USDollar Index slipped notably after the FOMC Minutes but had been weaker all week… (AUD rose 3.8% on the week)

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