Putin’s Approval Rating Reaches A New High

Regime Change Must Wait …

According to a report at Russia Insider, something we thought would be nigh impossible has just happened – Vladimir Putin’s approval rating in Russia has soared to yet another all time high:

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has reached historical maximum and hit almost 90%, according to a poll conducted by Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM). Putin’s approval rating has broken a new record reaching 89.9%. The last record was registered in June 2015 — 89.1%

According to WCIOM, ‘such high rating of approval of the Russian president is registered, first of all, in connection with events in Syria, Russian aviation’s airstrikes at terrorist positions.’Sociologists reminded that the Russian president’s rating has remained higher than 80% for the last two years. ‘Putin’s rating started growing in spring 2014 against the backdrop of Russia’s reunification with Crimea and Sevastopol. In March 2014, the rating stood at 76.2% on average, in April — at 82.2%, and in May — at 86.2%,’ WCIOM said.

Putin adorned in his presidential ray-bans. He’s never been more popular in Russia

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We have put together a chart of Putin’s approval rating history by using the most recent chart available from the Levada Center (another Russian polling company) and complementing it with the result of the recent WCIOM survey (unfortunately we couldn’t find a chart of the WCIOM poll’s history, but various news reports that on Putin’s rating that have appeared over time suggest that the two polls are tracking each other very closely, so this amalgamated chart should serve):

The Levada Center’s Putin approval rating survey, with the latest WCIOM survey result added at the end

 In short, all those who don’t like Putin or were hoping for some sort of regime change in Russia continue to be out of luck.

Mainstream Media, Here and There

One reason why we are even posting about this is that the Western press has also reported on the event, employing a somewhat less neutral tone of voice. For instance, the Washington Times writes: “Putin’s approval rating hits new high as Russia’s state media sells Syria campaign”


“From triumphant reports about the “liquidation” of “terrorist training camps” to Kremlin-friendly analysts praising Moscow’s growing international influence, the official media’s coverage of Russia’s dramatic entry into Syria’s more than 4-year-old civil war has been decidedly upbeat — and one more reminder of the Kremlin’s ability to dictate the terms of popular debate.”

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