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Banco Inbursa is a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Inbursa which was established in Mexico 44 years ago, and since its foundation the same controlling shareholders have been managing the group.

The bank has a strong balance with a 21.1 percent tier 1 capital ratio and loan loss reserves that cover 3.6 times its non performing loans, which represent 2.6 percent of the total loan portfolio. This strength is reflected in the BBB rating that Standard & Poors has recently given Inbursa; BBB being the country ceiling.

Low operating costs are key principles for Inbursa, which translates into higher profitability, as well as into a strong capability to offer better conditions for clients.

Inbursa’s management structure is very lean in order to be as close as possible to our clients. The main benefit for our clients is the quality of service as well as the quick response to their needs.
Commercial lending has been an important activity for Inbursa, providing financing solutions to large corporations as well as to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The loan portfolio has been growing consistently during the last 15 years at a yearly average compound growth rate of 34 percent, reaching the equivalent of $12bn in 2009. This gives Inbursa a 15 percent market share in Mexico.

Our clients find in Inbursa a tailor-made solution to their financial needs, as we are able to provide them loans from very simple short term working capital needs up to complex, long term structured deals, as well as all the range of products related to cash management, foreign exchange, treasury, investments, leasing, hedging, etc.

Innovation is always in Inbursa’s strategy. In terms of deposits we developed a product that provides all the transactional capabilities of a checking account and at the same time pays a competitive interest rate that compares more to a fixed income fund than to a checking account. In terms of lending, Inbursa developed a parametric product for selected SMEs that has benefited more that 21,400 companies in the last year, in which liquidity and availability of financing has been very restricted.

Retail banking represents an important growth opportunity for Inbursa, so in 2008 a strategic alliance was reached with Criteria, a subsidiary of La Caixa de Barcelona, who is the largest retail bank in Spain, with more than 5,500 branches, Ä176bn in its loan portfolio and 10.7 million clients. Their expertise in the retail business has contributed to accelerate the growth of Inbursa in this market.

With 198 branches in major cities in Mexico, Inbursa has a strong presence for supporting the transactional banking needs of its more than 7.2 million clients around the country.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

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