EC BioTelemetry (BEAT) Is Undervalued And Offers Investors Huge Upside Potential

As a technology investor, we all want to invest early in companies with disruptive technology that will effect major change within large industries. In my view, one of the best spaces to put money to work is at the intersection of technology and medicine. We have found exactly this type of company and believe the upside potential is absolute enormous.

BioTelemetry (NYSE: BEAT) is the leading wireless medical technology company focusing on the delivery of health information to improve quality of life and reduce cost of care. The company currently provides cardiac monitoring services, original equipment manufacturing (with a primary focus on cardiac monitoring devices) and centralized cardiac core laboratory services.

The company provides beat-to-beat, real-time analysis, automatic arrhythmia detection and wireless ECG transmission. Their technology can monitor a variety of bodily functions including: pulse, heart rate, respiration and perspiration. The information is monitored 24/7 and the technology can send that info via email, smartphone app or directly to the cloud. BioTelemetry prides itself with helping clinicians prevent morbidity, mortality and disability with rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease. Doctors and family members can get alerted in real time whenever there are irregularities in heartbeat or a variety of other health indicators.

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Imagine being able to identify irregularities before a heart attack occurs and get treatment to prevent it.  The technology has the ability to not only save people from financial ruin, but to literally save their lives via proactive treatment, rather than reactive surgical procedures with a higher failure rate.


Cardiovascular disease is the # 1 killer in the world, with roughly 18 million people dying from heart-related issues each year. The market for Biotelemetry is huge and the impact they can have on preventing premature death and health problems, while improving quality of life, is game changing.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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