E Best And Worst ADRs – Monday, June 12

  • The best sector in ADRs is services.
  • The top countries are Finland, Mexico, & Spain.
  • The average score across our ADR universe is 48.62 and the average score over the past four and eight weeks is  50.53 and 51.42, respectively. The typical ADR in our universe of coverage is trading -14.51% below its 52 week high, 4.73% above its 200 dma, and has 3.15 days to cover short.

    The best scoring sector across ADRs is services (ICLR, UGP, OMAB, KOF, CBD). Healthcare (AZN, SNY, NVO, NVS, GSK, BAYRY), consumer goods (IBA, CCU, UL, DEO), and technology (NTES, GSOL, WUBA, TSM, KYO) also score above average. Industrials, financials, utilities, and basic materials score poorly and should be underweight in portfolios until score’s improve.

    The top zones are Europe (ICLR, AZN, REPYY, SNY, NVO, SYT) and Latin America (CIB, UGP, OMAB, KOF, CBD, BAP, IBA, CCU, YPF). UK/Ireland (ICLR, AZN, GSK, UL, DEO) and South Asia (CYD, HDB) are the best regions. Finland (NOK), Mexico (OMAB, KOF, IBA), Spain (REPYY), Chile (CCU), and Bermuda (GSOL) are the highest scoring countries this week.

    The following are the top and bottom scoring ADRs this week.


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    Author: Travis Esquivel

    Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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