Binary Options Trading Opportunities – October 23rd, 2015


The markets will continue to focus on Europe

During the session on Friday, the markets will more than likely focus on the European Union again, as the ECB has made it clear they are willing to add to quantitative easing. With this being the case, the market looks as if we should see quite a few trading opportunities in that part of the world.

CAC looks strong after breakdown

The Parisian index broke out to the upside during the course of the session on Thursday, as the ECB looks ready to add the quantitative easing as necessary. With this, European stocks in general should continue to do fairly well, and the CAC certainly has shown real strength. With this we are buyers of calls on short-term pullbacks as is market should head to the €5000 level.

Chart 1


Despite US dollar strengthening, gold shows resilience

Gold markets continue to show resilience even though the US dollar strengthened during the day. Because of this, we are more convinced now than ever that the $1160 level should offer plenty of support. We are buyers of calls as this market looks ready to continue going higher.

chart 2


FTSE show strength

The 6300 level below offered more than enough support to turn the market back around. The market bounced and now looks as if we are heading to the 6450 level. A break above there has this market challenging 6500, and then going higher than that. We are buyers of calls on pullbacks and of course breakouts to the upside.

Chart 3


EUR/USD: Strong support at 1.1100

The EUR/USD fell during the session on Thursday, found strong support at 1.1100. We might be buyers of put options, with a daily close below the support level. In case of a move above the resistance area of 1.1200, we could be buyers of call options.



USD/CAD: Finds resistance at 1.3100

The pair USD/CAD penetrates the resistance level at 1.3100. We could be buyers of puts for the USD/CAD, in case of a daily close under the resistance level. In case of a move above the 1.3100, we could be buyers of call options.

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