Binary Options Trading Opportunities For October 29, 2015

Unemployment numbers

During the session on Thursday we have a couple of mid-level unemployment numbers coming out above Germany and the United States, and of course a Monetary Policy Statement coming out of the Bank of Japan. With this, we believe that most of the trends that we’ve seen recently should continue though, and we do not expect any ground shaking type of events coming out of the headlines.

WTI Crude Oil trying to fight back

Simply put, if we can break above the top of the range for the session on Thursday, we believe that the WTI market offers a call buying opportunity as we would reenter the previous consolidation area. On the other hand, if we can break down below the bottom of the hammer from the Tuesday session, that would be extraordinarily weak and have this market selling off towards the $38 level.

Chart 1

USD/CAD pulls back

The USD/CAD pair fell during the session on Wednesday, but quite frankly we feel that there will be a buying opportunity coming soon. Sure near the 1.31 level we would anticipate seeing quite a bit of buying pressure, so we are looking for supportive candles on short-term charts in order to serve buying calls as the uptrend should continue. With no interest in buying puts at this point in time.

Chart 2

NASDAQ 100 ready to break out

The NASDAQ 100 is going to break out sooner or later, the only real question is whether or not it needs a pullback first. We look at pullbacks as call buying opportunities, and most certainly see a move above the 4700 level as a buying opportunity for calls. We have no interest whatsoever in buying puts as the market looks so supportive and of course impulsive.

Chart 3

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