3 Stocks To Weather A Winter Chill

The U.S. has experienced higher temperatures during December so far. This is in sharp contrast to last month’s chill, marked by heavy snowfall in the Northeast and Midwest. However, temperatures may soon drop again following storm warnings for the Northeast.

Bitter November

Through November’s end, the U.S. had experienced an early and bitter winter. Portland, OR experienced one of its earliest snowfalls. This included up to six feet of snow in upstate New York and the most frigid temperatures in Minnesota and Denver since the late nineteenth century.

Travel during the Thanksgiving period was affected by these severe conditions. More than 3,000 flights were delayed and 190 were cancelled. Winter’s onset was so early that ice on the Mississippi river ended the shipping season prematurely.

As millions of travelers hit the road, they found several routes were closed due to weather conditions. Travelers encountered dangerous road conditions in Northern and Eastern states, specifically New York and Michigan.

By Sunday, fair weather prevailed and the travel industry breathed a sigh of relief. Heavily crowded airports increased security waiting times. Chicago’s Midway airport witnessed a 1.2 mile security queue.

Perfect Storm Brewing?

Despite the respite provided since Sunday, atmospheric conditions are increasing the prospect of heavy rain and wet snow in several parts of the Northeast. Weather.com expects a buildup of low pressure near or offshore the Mid-Atlantic Coast.

This increases the prospect of heavy snowfall in the interior Northeast. This includes an area stretching from Mohawk in New York and the Upper Hudson Valleys, Catskills, Green and White mountains, Adirondacks and Northern Maine. At least six inches of snow are expected in such areas. Roads affected by snow in interior Northeast will impact travelers and result in flight delays during Tuesday and Wednesday.

Prospects of a Winter Chill

If we focus on Boston alone, the WBZ-TV AccuWeather Team says that there are strong indications of a severe winter overall. It believes that most global factors during fall are signals that heavy snowfall will occur. The threat of large storms continues to linger in the Mid-Atlantic region, especially during January and February.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

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