Weekly Economic & Political Timeline – Sunday, June 11

There are several high-impact news items scheduled this week, with a much fuller agenda compared to last week. The uncertain aftermath of last week’s British General Election should also add to volatility, so expect a week with high volatility. The market will probably be most active on Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is a public holiday in Australia.

U.S. Dollar

It will be an important week for the greenback starting on Tuesday with a release of PPI data. Wednesday sees the release of the FOMC Statement, Federal Funds Rate, and Projections, followed by the usual press conference with Janet Yellen. Earlier that day we will get CPI and Retail Sales data, as well as Crude Oil Inventories numbers. On Thursday, there will be a release of Unemployment Claims numbers, followed by Building Permits on Friday.

Japanese Yen

It will be an important week for the Yen, with Friday bring the Bank of Japan’s Monetary Policy Statement and Rate, followed by the usual Press Conference.

British Pound

It will be an important week for the Pound, with CPI data on Tuesday, Average Earnings Index numbers on Wednesday, and then the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Summary, Bank Rate and Votes due on Thursday in addition to Retail Sales data.

Swiss Franc

It will be an important week for the Swissie, with the Swiss National Bank’s Monetary Policy Assessment, LIBOR Rate and Press Conference due on Thursday.

Chinese Yuan

It will be a significant week for the Yuan, with a release of Industrial Production data on Wednesday.

Australian Dollar

It will be a light week for the Aussie following Monday’s public holiday, with Employment Change and Unemployment Rate data due on Thursday.

New Zealand Dollar

It will be a quiet week for the Kiwi, with nothing due except GDP data on Thursday.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

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