Was Friday The “Big Day”?

So, was Friday the “big day*” as advertised? Two Hindenburg Omens, a full moon, a cycle low in the VIX, and a Hybrid Lindsay forecast for a high all fell on last Friday. We had better get something for all of that! As usual, all we can do is wait to find out. As the market rarely moves on our schedule, the “big day” may be a day (or two) late. Anything this week would be within the margin of error. 

The Hybrid Lindsay model is pointing to a short-term high on/near Friday, June 9, 2017.

The low on 10/15/14 counts 484 days to the low of the basic cycle on 2/11/16. 484 days later is June 9. This is not a middle section forecast. Rather, it is a low-low-high interval. This same low counted to the 4/26/17 high albeit using the low on 1/20/16.

Point E of an ascending middle section on 1/27/06 counts 2,076 days to the low of the previous basic cycle on 10/4/11. 2,075 days later is Friday, June 9.

Point E of a descending middle section on 1/29/2000 counts 3,019 days to the low of the multiple cycle on 3/6/09. 3,017 days later is Friday, June 9.

*A “big day” is not expected to be the end of the bull market.  


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Author: Travis Esquivel

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