These Are The 5 Hottest Startup Sectors Where Investors Are Putting Their Euros

Photocredit: Shutterstock

Photocredit: Shutterstock

London, Berlin, the Nordics and Israel are views as major tech hubs and as centers of innovation

The European startup scene has evolved significantly over the past years. While five years ago not many talked about London, Berlin or the Nordics as tech hubs, nowadays these regions -as well as Tel Aviv- are considered as real centers of innovation that compete in the same league as New York and, even in some cases, Silicon Valley.

While it’s easy to say that things have changed since 2009, it’s not as easy to quantify those changes and, most importantly, to highlight the most attractive startup sectors for business angels and Venture Capital firms. Something we’ve done with the help of Startupxplore-ambassador Andoni Serrano Pavón, Tableau Public and using Crunchbase’s data.

The top five startup sectors in Europe

Using Crunchbase’s data we’ve looked at the five European startup sectors that have received more investment from business angels, Venture Capital funds and private equity firms from 1999 to 2004.

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The disruption of financial services has been one of the most significant mega trends in the technology world. Startups are not only changing how banks operate, but they are also attacking specific financial areas that have been left untouched for decades. As we’ve previously explained, London has become a global fintech startup hub, led by companies such as Funding Circle or TransferWise.


Photocredit: Startupxplore


Photocredit: Startupxplore

Over the past five years more than $2.3 billion has been raised by fintech startups in Europe across 306 deals. According to Accenture, in 2013 the global fintech market rose to $3 billion and will continue increasing in the near future, reaching a size of $6 to $8 billion by 2018.


The press tends to obsessively focus on the consumer sector, where software, fintech or mobile startups are the talk of the town. However, investors have lately increased their interest in cleantech startups, with more than $2.1 billion invested in such startups since 1999 in 215 deals.

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