Look For Gold-Backed Currencies In Next 10 Years

Eric Sprott, the well-known billionaire asset manager, believes that investors need to buy gold and silver to protect themselves from the increasingly volatile currency markets. Last year, 84% of the world’s population would have made money owning gold. Sprott puts his money where his mouth is, claiming that 80% of his assets are in precious metals.

Since this January interview, the gold price has fallen in US dollars. However, Sprott is focused on the long-term picture of how the radical monetary policies of global central banks will damage the global economy. With banking policies like negative interest rates and massive money printing, the world is experiencing a completely new financial landscape. When paired with the fact that gold demand seems to be exceeding supply, he expects to see gold-backed currencies within the next decade.

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Highlights from the interview:

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Author: Travis Esquivel

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