Binary Options Trading Opportunities – October 28, 2015

FOMC Statement today

Today is the FOMC Statement, and of course that will move the markets in general. Without a doubt, the US dollar will be one of the biggest movers of the day, but it also has an effect on commodities as it is a bit of a “knock on effect” due to the fact that they are all priced in that currency. Stock markets will probably be greatly influenced as well, so there are a lot of moving pieces that will come into play today. However, keep in mind that the announcement comes out later in the session, so could be very quiet until we get to afternoon trading in New York.

USD/CAD showing strength

If there’s one market that could move quite a bit during the session under everybody’s radar, it’s the USD/CAD pair. After all, we have Crude Oil Inventories coming out, as well as an FOMC’s Statement. At this moment in time, it appears that the USD/CAD pair continues to go higher, so therefore we are call buyers and believe that we will reach towards the 1.34 handle again. Pullbacks at this point in time should be thought of as value that you can buy calls based upon as well.

Chart 1

WTI Crude Oil falling

During the session on Tuesday, the WTI Crude Oil markets fell again, and it appears that we are breaking down. With this, we are buyers of puts on a move below the lows of the session on Tuesday. If we significantly shot above the $44 level, we could consider buying calls, but at this point in time we would anticipate a move to the $40 level is coming. Today’s announcement certainly could exacerbate that.

Chart 2

Silver continues to consolidate

Silver markets rose slightly during the session on Tuesday, but continue to consolidate between the $15.50 level on the bottom and the $16.25 level on the top. Nonetheless though, we think if the US dollar start selling off in general during the session today, silver could be one of the big movers and offer plenty of call buying opportunities.

Chart 3

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