Binary Options Trading Opportunities For October 15, 2015

Several US announcements

During the day on Thursday, all of the economic announcements worth paying attention to will be out of the United States, so therefore think it will be a very US centric day. The US dollar seems to be on its back foot, so we believe that this could be a very interesting turn of events over the next 24 hours.

Silver looks poised to break out

While the gold markets most certainly broken out, as we write this, the silver markets are pressing the top of the recent consolidation area. Because of this, we believe that buying calls above the $16.20 level will be the way to go going forward. The market will target $16.50, and possibly higher than that given enough time. Remember, silver markets tend to be a bit more volatile than gold markets, but most certainly we have a bullish call buying opportunity.

Chart 1

S&P 500 finding support

The S&P 500 had a fairly volatile session during the day on Wednesday, but it appears that there is a bit of support somewhere around the 2000 handle. With this, we are simply waiting for a supportive candle or a break higher in order to serve buying calls again. Once we can get above the 2020 level, that becomes much more of a longer-term “buy-and-hold” type of situation for call buyers. We have no interest in buying puts.

chart 2

WTI Crude Oil offering value at $46

The WTI grade crude market fell a bit during the course of the session on Wednesday, but it appears that the $46 level is attracting buyers. Somewhere in this general vicinity, we are buying calls, as we see a significant amount of support below. The market keeps trying to grind higher, and as a result we feel that buying calls will be the only way to go.

Chart 3

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