A New Stage For NCS Multistage: Upcoming Quiet Period Expiration Opens Buying Opportunity

NCS Multistage Holdings Inc – BUY RECOMMENDATION

The 25-day quiet period on NCS Multistage Holdings Inc. (Pending: NCSM) will end on May 23, allowing the firm’s IPO underwriters to publish detailed positive reports and recommendations on the company for the first time since it went public in mid-April on May 24th.

Our firm has studied IPO quiet period expirations at length; while we do not see all recent IPOs becoming BUYs at this time, certain companies with a unique combination of characteristics do make the cut for us. We have found above-market returns for a statistically significant sample in a window of time, beginning five days prior to the event and ending shortly after.

When a company’s IPO underwriters are able to publish reports and recommendations pertaining to the company beginning May 24, the initial research is usually positive – and leads to a short-term uptick in the company’s stock price.

For this reason, along with NCSM’s strong market debut, underwriting team, and fundamentals, we are optimistic that NCSM stock could jump surrounding the event.

We suggest experienced investors consider purchasing shares of ahead of 5.23 to take advantage of a full ramp-up in price.

So, What Does NCS Multistage Do? (Business Overview)

NCS Multistage develops and sells coiled-tubing fracturing tools used in the coalbed methane gas industry. In addition, the company offers its AirLock buoyancy system for landing horizontal casing; multistage unlimited fracturing systems; coiled-tubing deployed fracturing tools; and downhole completion tools for both conventional and unconventional completions. Its product portfolio includes: casing buoyancy systems, liner hangers, interventionless toe sleeves, refract systems, sand-jet perfs, ballshift sleeves and hybrid completions, multicycle frac sleeves, thru-coiled tubing fracs, annual fracs, and casing sleeves. The company incorporated in 2008, and it is based in Houston, Texas with operations in the United States, Russian Federation, China, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada.

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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