The Immigration in the USA positively effected the overall development of the country in spite of some disadvantages. The authorities should not prevent this process, as the USA would not improve its own culture without various traditions and cultural niceties brought by the immigrants. It is essential to emphasize that the process of immigration will have all the positive consequences as long as is legal and transparent in the state.

To analyze this issue completely it is necessary to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the immigration process. And the negative results of it are also quite numerous and significant.

The over population that is observed in the USA today in comparison with any other country is one of the most the immigrants significant arguments that makes the immigration in the United States of America not so attractive. The immigration negatively affects minorities and their future. This fact is partially explained by the scares amount of natural resources, like minerals, water and land. Many environmental experts believe, that because of the over population the consumption of these resources increased greatly and that they should be limited for the immigrants.

The increasing population pressures upon the environmental degradation and ensuing the quality of life decline. The enormous stream of immigrants should be controlled by the authorities, and the immigration policy is capable to cope with this invasion.

This is not the only argument against immigration process. For example, they say that the level of poverty has also increased because of immigration. So, it influences the level of illegal human actions and crimes in the USA that cause different negative processes in country’s economy.

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