This Valentine’s Day…. Tell Your Staff What You Love About Them!

It’s so easy to find the things we don’t like about our staff, isn’t it? What about the things you do like about them? I mean, they can’t be all bad can they? There must be some qualities you like.

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Perhaps it’s their personality. Perhaps they are the one in the workplace who lights everyone up.
Perhaps they are punctual. I know that being on time is one of my highest values and I highly value people who show me this respect.
Perhaps they are good at their job? Clearly there are things that you like about them, otherwise you wouldn’t still have them around, would you?
So, why not tell them? I can tell you from first hand experience, that before I found my unlimited source of internal validation, I depended on others to tell me when I’d done well, or to compliment me.
I can also tell you, that unfortunately, I am not alone in this plight. There are millions of people out there every day, walking around with self belief, self worth and self confidence issues.
There are many many people who have spent their lives settling for less than what they truly wanted to be, do or have.
That’s because they’ve been conditioned to believe that they don’t deserve anything better.
They’ve been conditioned to believe that they aren’t worthy of anything great.
So they settle and end up living a very mediocre life.
Now, you may be saying, “How is this my problem?”
Well it is, and it isn’t.
It’s your problem, because the people you employ in your business really are your responsibility. You are responsible for hiring the right people for the job and you are also responsible for their well being and their performance at work.
Because if they do not perform, your business does not perform right?
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So whilst their mindset isn’t entirely your problem, imagine what could happen in your business if you took the approach that it was?
What do you think would happen if this Friday, Valentine’s Day, you sat down with each one of your employees and told them what you absolutely LOVE about them? Now I am not talking about inappropriate things of course, and you don’t even need to use the word love if you don’t want to.
You could however, tell them what you like about their work, what you like about them as a person, what you appreciate that they do each day, and how they are making a big difference to you and your business.
What do you think that would do?
Well, I can tell you first hand, that if I had of received the recognition and applause, I felt that my stellar effort deserved, I would have put in twice the effort. I would have jumped through the roof to do better than I’d ever done, because I’d know I was recognised and appreciated.
Just imagine what this could do for your bottom line?
This could also give you the leverage you need to perhaps address some areas where they are not so good in their performance. Not on the same day of course, because your goal is to send them away this Friday, feeling euphoric.
Do this, and watch their performance over the coming weeks. Compliment them when they do something good, and then after you’ve built them up, you may then approach them about the things that together, you could work on to improve. This may include their need for external validation. 🙂
If you make this a team effort, then this is going to go an exceptionally long way to not only getting you the best staff you can get, it’s also going to ensure that they are as loyal as they can be. How good would that be?
Good, Quality, Loyal Staff?
You can you know, and it can really be quite simple.
So, this Friday… Tell your staff what’s awesome about them. Do it privately, so it’s a little nugget they can hold onto and take with them, and watch their faces light up when you do it.
Appreciate their good points, and then watch their productivity soar. Then you can work as a team on the not so good points and help them improve themselves, and their lives to boot, making you a most EPIC human!

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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