The Only Hope To Save Britain?


Landlords are joining together to challenge the Conservative’s (Tory) tax hike filing a suit in the high court against their tax increase on “buy-to-let” investment properties. One of the reason I have stated that Maggie Thatcher herself would have by now broke with the Conservatives and started her own third party is demonstrated by this abusive tax on property investment. The Conservatives are acting more like communists in London these days for this tax the Government introduced plans to prevent landlords offsetting mortgage interest costs against rental profits before calculating tax. So in other words, they are preventing the leverage in real estate which means this can only create a one-sided complete collapse.

Thatcher-Federal Europe

David Cameron is perhaps the WORST Conservative in British History. He is doing everything possible to remain in league with Brussels. Cameron’s comment after rigging the Scottish vote to ensure Scotland could not leave the UK was shocking. He said the vote settled the question for “for a generation” revealing his pro-government posture and anti-Democratic undertone. This posture goes all the way to agree with Brussels, and Cameron’s arrogance (video of his speech) was just stunning. His promise for a referendum to leave the EU was a bullshit ploy he never expected would actually stand a chance to win.

Now Cameron is scared to death and has the bankers trying to frighten everyone if they in fact left the EU Britain would collapse, which is insane since the bankers themselves will fall if they remain inside the EU with what is on the horizon. Cameron called on the bankers to claim is Scotland left the UK the bankers would all move to London, which was propaganda as well. EVERYTHING Maggie Warned about has come true under her own party. Thatcher was always clear that a single currency was all about the federalization of Europe through the back door. Cameron should what the debate back in 1990 on this issue,

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Author: Travis Esquivel

Travis Esquivel is an engineer, passionate soccer player and full-time dad. He enjoys writing about innovation and technology from time to time.

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